Counselling can be much more than a place to discuss life’s stresses. I assist clients with emotional growth in order that they may respond to life challenges with more resources. Psychotherapy can help in the releasing of grief or the reviewing of upsetting feelings and emotions while increasing clients’ self-awareness or sense of self. Clients may be surprised to find how resilient they have been all along. This process will give them the strength to conquer goals and life challenges in an easier and happier manner.

How counselling works? It works by developing balance and harmony in clients’ lives, this can be achieved by resolving negative feelings and emotions which they have about themselves. My counselling is based on offering empathy and a deep sense of understanding, validation and re-framing. This can be the foundation for problem-solving in difficult situations or for deeper change to occur.

In addition to the specific trainings that I mentioned above, I am familiar with Psycho-dynamic and Mindfulness based psychotherapies, as well as others. However, in my personal experience and according to the latest research, real and profound change can be reached through Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

My schedule is flexible and offers day and evening appointments. My fee schedule is based on an hourly rate of $120/hour; however, special rates are available based on income. If clients have private insurance, they may be able to claim sessions with Insurance Companies that support Registered Social Workers (RSW). There is no HST charged on my rates.

Counselling services are available in English and Spanish. Please contact me if you have any question.



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