Grief and loss are experienced frequently in our lives. If we think of birth, we experience loss ofcomfort, being sent into the unknown with minimal resources. A newborn is helpless and vulnerable. However, it will grow, develop and adapt to its new environment even as it faces frequent challenges as part of the process of growth itself.
Therefore, we can say that at the opposite end of the spectrum from grief and loss there is frequently the possibility of growth and self-development. With a newborn baby, as well as when dealing with loss, grief and vulnerability, the richer and more supportive the environment the better.

By the same token, loss and grief which cannot be expressed may create result in an accumulation of emotion that becomes a source of negativity towards those around us, or towards life itself.

In any case, grief and loss could happen any time, in different circumstances, when something or someone cannot be replaced. In many cases difficult emotions and feelings get bottled up and are not easily expressed. This can be the source of depressive or other types of unsettling symptoms such as sleep deprivation, loss of energy and/or appetite, difficulty enjoying life.

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